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Navigating Brand Growth: Smarter Data, Real Results

In 2024, the eCommerce growth playbook is changing. It’s no longer just about growing fast; it’s about growing efficiently. Every dollar we put into our media and marketing needs to stretch further, work harder, and show us real results. Let’s talk about how we can do that by focusing on what matters: good data and the right business metrics like contribution margin.

Why Good Data is a Game Changer

Think of platforms like Facebook as a powerful race car. They are built to run on high quality data as their race fuel – the kind of data that clearly defines who your best customers are so their learning algorithms know who to find more of. It’s not just about counting how many people see our ads anymore. It’s about understanding who your most valuable customers are and finding marketing tactics that find more of those high value people.

That’s where Popsixle comes into the picture. They restore the 60% of missing data that iOS14 took away, making sure that Facebook is getting the fuel it needs again. This means the purchases customers take on a website can be accurately matched back to the users within Facebook who saw and clicked ads. Once Facebook understands which users became high value customers and which ones didn’t , it’s optimization algorithm can find more of the right people. Restoring this flow of data naturally fixes attribution issues and leads to more profitable ad performance.

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Contribution Margin: Your New Best Friend

As we get smarter with our data, we also need to get smarter about how we measure success. Enter contribution margin. It’s not just another fancy metric; it’s a clear way to see how much money we’re actually making after covering the direct costs of our products. It helps us figure out which products and which campaigns are the stars (and which ones are just eating up our budget).

StoreHero is all over this. They show us how focusing on the right metrics can make a big difference in our bottom line. It’s about making decisions that not only drive growth but also make financial sense.

Making Every Dollar Count

The journey to better marketing isn’t just about having the latest tech. It’s about changing how we think about growing our brands. With tools like Popsixle and platforms like StoreHero, we’re better equipped to tackle the challenge of scaling up in the most resource efficient way.

It might sound daunting, but it’s actually a huge opportunity. By focusing on the right data and using metrics that matter, like contribution margin, we can open new doors for our brands. We’re talking about making our marketing dollars work smarter.

Our Offer

With the best data being piped through to Meta & with real time contribution margin reporting you’ll be best positioned to maximize your profitability!

Receive 30 days Free of Popsixle’s enhanced data connection, including a free Shopify install, account setup, and data activation consultation. StoreHero will offer a 14 day trial alongside a full comprehensive profitability plan for you to work through to maximise profitability over revenue! 

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