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Offer Profit-First

Services to Your Clients

StoreHero gives you and your clients a unified view of the e-commerce metrics that matter. Do more in less time, all under your own white-labeled dashboard.

Position your agency for the future

It’s never been easier to start an e-commerce business, but it’s another thing to grow it profitably. Years of low customer acqusition costs have meant brands didn’t have to look to closely at their margins to grow, but this is no longer the case. Some of the fastest growing agencies understand that profit and contribution margin isn’t a phase, it’s a new approach that brand owners want to see from their agency partners. StoreHero empowers growing agencies to offer profit focused services to their clients. StoreHero agencies consistently attract and retain better clients, improve their management process and charge more for a better service.

Get a Unified View of Marketing Performance

No more jumping between browser tabs to see what channels, campaigns, ad sets, and ads are performing best. Our Conversions dashboard gives you a single view of your paid spend performance across Instagram, Facebook, Google Ads & TikTok.

Find the sweet spot between spend and ROAS.

Agencies face a daily balance between spending ad budgets but doing so efficiently. StoreHero’s live view of contribution margin (profit after marketing) gives you a clear view of the profit generated on each sale. Whether ROAS goes up or down, give clients a clear view of the positive impact of your work.

Email Reports

Wherever you are, get the numbers that matter most. Pin any metric across the platform to get it delivered to you daily, weekly & monthly as an email report. Your clients get proactive engagement with your agency and your services, without the time of creating manual reports.


StoreHero integrates seamlessly with your service offering. Give clients profit-first metrics through your own branded portal, with your own logos and brand colours.

Integrates with all key sales & marketing platforms

"We're looking at our business in a completely different way."

Luke DullyManaging Director


Increase in ROAS


Increase in Contribution Margin


Increase in Net Profit

And a host of other great Features

Unified Dashboard

Get a centralised view across your sales, marketing and finance channels and see the full funnel from reach to profit.


See fully loaded COGS, gross profit generated per product and the breakeven ROAS you need to achieve to drive a profit from paid ads.

Profit & Loss

Get an expert view of your full P&L split by day week or month on a single screen.

Insights & Recommendations

StoreHero highlights the most important positive and negative changes and what you can do about them. 

Store Overview

Don’t manage your store based on net sales. See all of the important profit-focused store metrics in one place.


Monitor orders to see what are the highest gross margin making or lowest gross margin making.

Email Reports

Get a clear snapshot of store performance across all channels on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Creative Overview

Visually review the images, video and copy that are moving the needle for your store.

"StoreHero has redefined our approach from mere data aggregation to making informed, strategic decisions."

Donal BreslinManaging Director


Annual Ad Spend Surge


Contribution Margin Increase


Net Profit Growth

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