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A better way to grow your store, profitably.

StoreHero unifies your sales, marketing data and costs to give you a real time view of your profit at a store, product or even an order level.

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See what products, orders & campaigns are not only driving revenue, but actually profitable.

See how each of your variable & operational costs affect your profit per order


Track profit daily with your Store Overview

Total sales are nice, but it’s net profit that matters at the end of the day. StoreHero syncs with your store to give a real time view of your profitability with metrics that matter in a single screen.

We're looking at our business in a completely different way.

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Increase in ROAS


Increase in Contribution Margin


Increase in Net Profit
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Discover Profitability by Product

  • Input your product costs or sync them directly to shopify to see your margins and a product by product basis.
  • See the most profitable and least profitable products and make better decisions on what products to prioritise.
  • No more guessing if your ads are profitable. StoreHero calculates your Breakeven Point ROAS for each product to show you exactly when you start to make a profit.

Understand Profitability Per Order

  • StoreHero analyses the costs of each product in your order, as well as order level costs such as transaction fees, discounts and shipping fees.
  • See the patterns that make up your most profitable orders so you can find more of these customers.
  • Seeing orders with a WELCOME10 discount, low margin products and a free shipping threshold? Monitor any orders that may be unprofitable and make changes to minimise this moving forward.
Delivered to you each day via email.

Delivered to you each day via email.

Wherever you are, get the numbers that matter most. Access StoreHero whatever platform works for you and get a clear blueprint for success.

Integrates with all key sales & marketing platforms

Why Choose StoreHero?

Our all-in-one e-commerce dashboard gives you the tools you need to understand what’s happening across each marketing channel and what you should do about it.

  • No central view of your data
  • Missed opportunities
  • Low-owned marketing attribution
  • No ability to measure ad profitability
  • No sense of what “good” looks like
  • Higher CPA and lower ROAS
  • Unified view of your data
  • Instant Insights & suggestions
  • Maximise owned marketing channels
  • Clear view of ad & product profitability
  • Industry-specific Benchmarks
  • Lower CPA and higher ROAS

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