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Grow your online store with confidence

StoreHero helps e-commerce store owners like you identify what marketing is working so you can do more of it.

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All of your Marketing Data in One Place

No more logging into multiple platforms to try to understand what’s happening. Get the complete picture with connections to all of your marketing channels.


Understand your marketing data
with Reports

We'll aggregate your sales and digital marketing data across all channels to get a unified view of your business. We’ll help you interpret your results to show where your website visitors, sales and repeat purchases are coming from. Set goals for sales and ad spend to monitor progress daily.


Learn what to do next with Suggestions

It's one thing to have data, and it's another to know how to use it effectively. StoreHero will analyse your data, highlight where your store can improve and give you actionable suggestions to improve the effectiveness of your ads, website and content.


Get some perspective with Benchmarks

You know your conversion rate, but how does that compare? We'll show you how to you stack up against other brands in your industry to help identify what changes to prioritise.

Take your store to the next level with StoreHero.

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