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Profit First E-commerce Analytics

Track your ecommerce business in one place. Start making profitable business decisions based on data today!

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A new approach to E-Commerce

Get a central view of what’s actually happening across all your sales & marketing channels.


Grow your store, profitably.

With rising customer acquisition costs, growing your store profitably isn’t as easy as it once was. Most brands spend hours each week building a picture of what’s already happened, let alone what you should do about it. StoreHero’s unified e-commerce analytics platform gives you the clarity you need to do more of what’s working and less of what isn’t.

Get a unified view of your sales, marketing & profitability metrics

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Understand your marketing data
with Reports

We'll aggregate your sales and digital marketing data across all channels to get a unified view of your business. We’ll help you interpret your results to show where your website visitors, sales and repeat purchases are coming from. Set goals for sales and ad spend to monitor progress daily.


Learn what to do next with Suggestions

It's one thing to have data, and it's another to know how to use it effectively. StoreHero will analyse your data, highlight where your store can improve and give you actionable suggestions to improve the effectiveness of your ads, website and content.


Get some perspective with Benchmarks

You know your conversion rate, but how does that compare? We'll show you how to you stack up against other brands in your industry to help identify what changes to prioritise.


Profitability Analysis

Identify what products, orders, and marketing activities are not only adding to your topline revenue but doing so profitably.

Email Reports

Get a daily, weekly or monthly snapshot of your store performance. See what channels are performing and pin the metrics that matter most.

Goal Tracking & KPI’s

No more guessing game on what’ll happen by month end. See how you’re tracking against your sales goal and advertising budget and make adjustments sooner rather than later.

Why Choose StoreHero?

Our all-in-one e-commerce dashboard gives you the tools you need to understand what’s happening across each marketing channel and what you should do about it.

  • No central view of your data
  • Missed opportunities
  • Low-owned marketing attribution
  • No ability to measure ad profitability
  • No sense of what “good” looks like
  • Higher CPA and lower ROAS
  • Unified view of your data
  • Instant Insights & suggestions
  • Maximise owned marketing channels
  • Clear view of ad & product profitability
  • Industry-specific Benchmarks
  • Lower CPA and higher ROAS

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