Customer: Nomad the Label
Industry: Womenswear
Features Used
Location: Central Coast of New South Wales

Annual Ad Spend Surge
Contribution Margin Increase
Net Profit Growth
Saved Per Week

Company Background

In the heart of the Central Coast of New South Wales, Nomad The Label stands as a tribute to individual journeys and the promise of adventures ahead. Founded by Louisa Warman in 2020, the brand epitomizes the essence of exploration, offering adaptable clothing tailored for the modern-day nomad. Embodying a commitment to mindful living and profound respect for the environment, Nomad The Label crafts designs where practicality meets style, all in harmony with sustainability.

The Pre-StoreHero Era: Searching for the Goldilocks Zone

Before embarking on the partnership with StoreHero, Nomad The Label was riding the wave of substantial growth. Yet, with this growth came the challenge of scaling the business in a sustainable manner. The brand was not merely seeking to enhance its contribution margin but was in pursuit of the “Goldilocks zone” – a perfect balance between scaling through increased ad spend and maintaining heightened profitability without compromising the bottom line. This nuanced approach required a precise strategy to amplify ad expenditure while safeguarding against the perils of over or underspending.

I was looking for that thin channel to navigate through, ensuring we scale right without taking anything for granted. The dynamic nature of e-commerce means every day brings a new challenge, and you need the agility to adapt your strategy continuously. StoreHero was the partner we needed to keep us aligned with our goals and to maximize profitability amidst constant change.

Donal Breslin

Managing Director

StoreHero's Transformative Impact

Upon partnering with StoreHero, Nomad The Label set a foundational strategy to augment ad spend only in tandem with an increase in the contribution margin. This strategic approach bore fruit during the initial 30-day trial, with Nomad significantly exceeding its targets, marking a new era of success.

StoreHero’s influence was pivotal in streamlining Nomad’s operations, notably freeing over 10 hours weekly from reporting duties. This efficiency granted the team immediate access to critical financial metrics, especially the contribution margin, empowering Nomad to confidently boost their ad spend while ensuring profitability remained a priority.

Donal's Reflections on the Partnership

Donal lauded StoreHero for its integral role in the brand’s journey, highlighting the platform’s user-friendly interface and the strategic shift it enabled.

"StoreHero has redefined our approach from mere data aggregation to making informed, strategic decisions. This partnership allowed us to focus on what truly matters - propelling our company forward while staying true to our values. With StoreHero, I'm assured that even in the face of uncertainties, our decisions are data-backed, enabling us to hit that sweet spot consistently."

Donal Breslin

Managing Director

Conclusion: A Future-Forward Collaboration

The alliance between Nomad The Label and StoreHero has been nothing short of revolutionary. The collaboration has not only fortified Nomad’s position as a brand of the present but has also underscored its status as a trailblazer of the future. The tools and insights provided by StoreHero have been instrumental in steering Nomad The Label towards a path of sustainable and profitable growth, marking a partnership that transcends conventional business dynamics.

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